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Health Testing Company

New Zealand's Leading DNA Health Testing Company

We use Next-Gen Sequencing and the latest AI-powered software to analyse over 80 million variants that significantly influence your health.

Our At Home Testing Kit Range

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Know what runs in your family and how to prevent it.

Learn what foods/supplements your body needs.

Get control of your weight/diet, mood/anxiety/depression.

See what you are intolerant or sensitive to.

It’s all in your DNA and much more

Our At Home Testing Kit Range

Would you buy a house without knowing what it is made from? Would you buy a car without knowing what it runs on? The same goes for your body, get to know it from a genetic level. Understanding your genetic tendencies can tell you a lot about whether your diet, lifestyle, or specific remedies, are working for or against you.

Whether you seek to optimise your health or overcome a pre-existing issue, getting your DNA genotyped will tell you a lot about your body and open doors to effective gene-targeted protocols. Personalised health represents a better paradigm in healthcare than one-size-fits-all, trial-and-error, which is what most ‘healthcare’ is.

“You can’t control what goes on outside,
but you can control what goes on inside.”

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The latest Next Gen DNA Sequencing. 100% accuracy

Non-invasive at home DNA collection through saliva.

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