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What Health Insights Can
a DNA Analysis Offer?

So why is it so important to get a DNA test (or any place in the World for that matter)? The numerous combinations of the core proteins come to create our genetic code. This code is what dictates how our proteins will build up in our body and all associated components. This means everything from muscle to bone, to organs to our nervous system is all built by design from our DNA code.

We’re now able to map out these components properly. Taking a DNA test nowadays will show how your genetic markers have made you today.

It also is a way to map out insight into how your body behaves in the following ways:

How prone you are to hereditary diseases

This is what many people may wonder, especially when there are hereditary diseases that run in their families. Your DNA helps to build the potential possibility that your inherited genes could be leaning toward certain types of conditions. Keep in mind that this means linked and doesn’t mean that it’s a guarantee you’ll get these types of diseases.

For example, hereditary diseases can easily be tracked but are not limited to Celiac disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Taking a DNA test will help show this predisposition and can help you take preventative actions where possible.

DNA testing will give you Mental health mapping

It’s not just the physical aspect; your DNA test will help look at those genes related to mental health issues. So, whether it’s anxiety or depression, or something more complex such as bipolar disorder, your genes will let you know if there’s a connection. This goes beyond diseases and follows how you sleep, form behaviours, focus, and your overall moods and sociability. You can use this information to build positive habits supporting a healthy mental lifestyle.

How strong your immune system is

Your immune system can be stronger than others, and your DNA results can help portray that. In addition, it can let you know if anything is lacking that helps support strong immune systems. These can be deficiencies with your vitamin and minerals, and what supplements you could take to help support this.

Your unique exercise and nutrition regime

Just like your DNA will tell you, you are unique. The DNA test shows aspects of how you generally absorb and metabolise energy and nutrients. For example, you’ll know if there are any food allergies you may have or may develop, as well as if you’re more prone to things such as cholesterol accumulation or high blood sugar.

This continues on through your metabolic genetics in how effective your fitness levels are and where you need to improve your fitness schedule.

Work with the best DNA test option in Australasia

When you work with Life X DNA, you’re working with a company that has focused on creating the most accurate and consistent DNA testing across Australia. Through our easy test kits, you’ll be able to get a look at your genetic makeup and know what your overall health and predisposition look like.

We also work to protect your most intimate information and thus value your privacy which complies with all Australasian privacy laws as well as best practice guidelines.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you have. You’ll immediately sense passion and dedication to providing you with actionable reporting on your results. Know you’re making the right decision when choosing us.



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