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Designed for any man, from child to retiree, who is serious about his health, this is the pack for you. It includes a full analysis of hundreds of thousands of ‘snips’ of your genetic information and gives you insights into the specific requirements to help you optimise your Health & Wellness.

Designed for any man, from child to retiree, who is serious about his health, this is the pack for you.

From a simple saliva test, the Man-Pack includes a full analysis of hundreds of thousands of ‘snips’ of your genetic information and gives you insights into the specific requirements to help you optimise your Health & Wellness.
  • Muscle Gain & Exercise Potential
  • Vitamin & Mineral requirements
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Weight, Diet & Fat Loss
  • Back Pain
  • Gout
  • Shoulder & Neck Pain
  • Sexual Function
  • Urinary Tract
  • Uric Acid
  • Chronic Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Fertility
  • Fatigue
  • Cholesterol
  • Thyroid
  • Kidney Health
  • Kidney Stones
  • Heart Health
  • Bone Health
  • Joint Inflammation
  • Gut Inflammation
  • Mood
  • Brain Fog
  • Blood Sugar
  • ADHD
  • Allergies
  • COMT
  • ApoE

You can purchase additional reports at any time after your initial purchase.

Easy-to-understand reports with risk assessments and health suggestions based on your personal genetics. Our reports;

  • compare your genetic data with information from thousands of scientific studies.
  • list your relevant genetic variations and their reported impact
  • summarise your estimated risk for a large variety of traits
  • provide personalised supplement advice
  • show you how to best utilise this knowledge to improve and optimise your life

Your health is THE most important part of your life. A healthy person lives longer, better, and will excel in all aspects of their life. TAKE CONTROL

You can find hundreds of 5 Star reviews from our clients here

27 reviews for Man Pro

  1. Rob VDM

    Marcus M (verified owner)

    I have been working with this company for over a year now and upgraded to the Ultimate pack a few months ago after they upgraded all their systems. The customer support team is incredible and on point when it comes to research and help with things outside of their reports and we have nailed down the rogue genes that are causing my issues. All in all, it has been a very enlightening experience and it’s not over yet. New reports every few weeks are always welcome and extremely interesting. I can highly recommend Brain Labs

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Hi Marcus, and thanks for the great review. It has been a pleasure working with you to optimise your health. Keep up the great work

  2. Rob VDM

    George (verified owner)

    I thought as an ‘older’ gentleman I thought maybe there might be a couple of things that would shine through for me to look at. What an extraordinary resource this is. I have now upgraded to the ultimate pack and am very happy to say that this is the best life investment I have ever made. I may not make it to a 100 but I certainly intend to live healthily and well and with Brain Labs’ help I believe this is more than possible. Thank you

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Thank you for the great review George. Stay healthy

  3. Joe S (verified owner)

    My doc told me that looking at my genetics would answer some questions regarding my predisposition to a couple of things we have running in the family. Lots of online research later and I am glad I went with Brain labs mostly because of their outstanding customer support but big praise for how easy this has all been. A lot cheaper than the other companies too! No extra charges for reports etc, no subscriptions and all in Oz dollars.Will upgrade to the bigger pack

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Thanks for the great review Joe. Wishing you health & happiness

  4. Steven B (verified owner)

    Relevant, important, accurate and easy to read information in these reports. Cannot fault anything.

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Thank you for the review Steven, Stay healthy

  5. Spencer S (verified owner)

    Happy to recommend this company and their DNA kits.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thanks Spencer. Stay healthy

  6. Rob VDM

    Levi D (verified owner)

    Fast, easy, and worthwhile. Good set of people at their offices too. I buggered up my order and paid for 2 kits at first by mistake, instant refund, and no-nonsense from these guys. Reports have also come back and I am happy to recommend brain labs.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thanks for the great review, Levi. Keep healthy

  7. Carl J (verified owner)

    Plenty of info in here for all you fellow gym goers. Adjusting according to my genetics not what everyone else is telling me what to do or trying to sell me. Don’t need to cut out the carbs either. A different approach to fitness but makes total sense.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Hi Carl, thanks for the review. We work with tonnes of athletes, clubs and even Olympians to help them fully optimise their bodies and gym/health goals. Keep at it and stay healthy.

  8. Rob VDM

    Maxwell S (verified owner)

    Important bloke stuff for all of us. Recommended for all

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      We 100% agree Maxwell. Thanks for the review.

  9. Joe S (verified owner)

    Start at the beginning they said, so I did. Great product and great company.

  10. Rob VDM

    Tom M (verified owner)

    I live a busy life at sea most of the time in a high stress, mentally challenging environment. I have used the recommendations in all of the cognition and mental health reports to realign my mind and get down to where I need my head at. I recommend these and the gut/immune system reports to everyone. Ordering more reports today. Very happy to recommend this company and their dynamic work

  11. Rob VDM

    Rick S (verified owner)

    Thanks Rob and the Brain labs team. I received my DNA results with incredible detail and analysis. Thank you for delivering my results quicker than I expected. I highly recommend contacting Brain Labs to get your report and start discovering your DNA profile.

  12. Clinton D (verified owner)

    I originally purchased the man pro but have upgraded to the ultimate since. My goals here where to get my diet, and other supplement requirements fine tuned for the gym but I have since also addressed a multitude of potential issues that were showing could be a problem in the future. This whole thing is fascinating and I’m having fun geeking out on the science. Very happy, great purchase/investment

  13. Rob VDM

    Adi A (verified owner)

    Everything as advertised and the reports were game changers for me. Will recommend

  14. Rob VDM

    Mark H (verified owner)

    A truly amazing experience, I now understand my body, health & gut more through the reports developed from my DNA. A professional team with great support to understand the reports. Cannot recommend Brain Labs enough. Thank you to the team at Brain Labs in Cairns.
    Recommend A+

  15. Rob VDM

    Thomas M (verified owner)

    I live a busy life at sea, most of the time in high stress situations & mentally challenging environments. I have used the recommendations in all of the cognition and mental health reports to realign my mind and get down to where I need my head to be at.
    I can’t recommend these and the gut / immune system reports enough. I’ll be ordering more reports this week.
    Highly recommended company with an incredibly interesting dynamic approach

  16. Rob VDM

    Rob VDM (verified owner)

    There are drugs that can treat the symptoms of pain, such as painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and I have been taking them for years, visiting the doctor and repeat. Who would have thought a DNA test would shine a light (brightly) on my inflammation issues and help me to get them under control without drugs? I recommend this for anyone who wants to get their health in order. 5 stars

  17. Rob VDM

    Troy H (verified owner)

    Making much better gains in the gym now I know what I should and should not be eating, supplementing and other (easy) tweaks. Glad to recommend this.

  18. Rob VDM

    Ritchie B (verified owner)

    A profound preventative health initiative. In
    consultation with your GP, Brain Labs can help optimise your quality of life based on DNA diagnostics and a sensible approach to maintaining your physical condition.
    Great to have this particular Aussie product based in the Far North..

  19. Rob VDM

    Darren U (verified owner)

    It was my wife’s idea to do this and I ordered the kit as a bit of fun really but when the results came back and I started reading the reports I realised that this is far from just fun. Age-old problems that I have had all my life show up clearly as well as advice on how to alleviate them, which I am doing. A few of what they call traits have really also made an impact on how I eat and exercise and after a month only I can see and feel the benefits already. I only started with the initial three reports that come with the kit but since then have purchased all of them and ordered more kits for the rest of the family. Even my family doctor is with me on this. Wish this had been around when we were kids.

  20. Rob VDM

    David T (verified owner)

    No problem recommending this company at all.

  21. Barry S (verified owner)

    Recommended to do.

  22. Rob VDM

    Duerte D (verified owner)

    Great company to work with and to get insights on your genome. You send them a saliva sample and they will give you information about your DNA based on scientific research. The reports are very clean and easy to understand. Highly recommended

  23. Robert A (verified owner)

    Fascinating and interesting approach to healthcare that should be the first thing we look at these days and with access to this kind of technology. Even the vitamin and mineral recommendations are life changing stuff. The magnesium deficit that I ‘obviously’ had has now been taken care of and aches and pains are almost gone. Recommended 100%

  24. Rob VDM

    Lewis M (verified owner)

    It just shows it’s never late to look after your health. I am 71 and have a few issues but thought I would try something new and see what it came back with. Changed my diet according to the recommendations and I have a lot more energy-even staying up after 6pm. the people at brain labs have been so helpful and always answer my emails and calls.

  25. Michael (verified owner)

    Very interesting. Happy to recommend

  26. Rob VDM

    Michael P (verified owner)

    As a litigation lawyer, I am constantly in a high-stress work environment and found brain fog and concentration to be my biggest obstacles. Using the advice and recommendations in the brain labs reports I have not only overcome these issues but find myself with more mental agility than ever before. Well done the brain labs team you have my gratitude

  27. Rob VDM

    Dr. C M (verified owner)

    The Brain Labs DNA screen provides a fascinating snapshot into your individual DNA profile, your strengths, potential vulnerabilities & offers potential dietary /lifestyle nutritional supplement advice to help address these issues. The reports offer a concise summary with clearly written recommendations & a clear take-home message but for the nerds in the group, there is also a substantial amount of research data to back up the results. The individual reports make fascinating & sometimes confronting reading …!! All in all a highly professional operation -Highly recommended.

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