What we do

We are New Zealand’s No1 DNA-based Health Testing & Analysis Company.

In an age where trial-and-error ‘healthcare’ plagues the lives of our
community, we have created an affordable personalised Health
program that empowers our clients with the knowledge to change
their lives for the better and educates them on how to live a
long and healthy life.

Our mission is to inspire our clients to be proactive about their health
& wellness by providing actionable data and recommendations to
improve and optimise their lives.

Privacy focused. We never sell or share your data

GLP Certified

Full Traceability of GLP study data

GCLP Certified

Guaranteed confidentiality & Integrity of Clinical Data

100% Australasian Owned, Based and Managed.

Next Gen DNA Sequencing (Illumina) - ISO 13485 Certified

Next Gen DNA Sequencing (Illumina) - ISO 17025 Certified

Our At Home Testing Kit Range

Would you buy a house without knowing what it is made from? Would you buy a car without knowing what it runs on? The same goes for your body, get to know it from a genetic level. Understanding your genetic tendencies can tell you a lot about whether your diet, lifestyle, or specific remedies, are working for or against you.

Whether you seek to optimise your health or overcome a pre-existing issue, getting your DNA genotyped will tell you a lot about your body and open doors to effective gene-targeted protocols. Personalised health represents a better paradigm in healthcare than one-size-fits-all, trial-and-error, which is what most ‘healthcare’ is.

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